The future of our neighbourhood is at risk.

  • The proposal by the Gupta Group, at 25 stories located on the top of a hill, will tower high above existing and proposed developments. 
  • It establishes a very dangerous and potentially devastating height precedent for higher development up and down Bayview and beyond Glenvale. 
  • If approved, it will result in the inevitable loss of charm, character and privacy of our neighbourhood
  • The proposal does not consider allowances for affordable housing. 
  • More cars, traffic, and increased congestion getting in and out of our neighbourhood.  The proposal includes only 91 parking spots for a building that has the potential to house over 1000 people.
  • Additional strain on community resources and infrastructure including schools. 

Donate to our defence fund for our best chance at affecting change. 

  • Gupta Group is aggressive, well organized, and has already appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal. 

“You can’t trust the company,” said Robert Paniccia, one of the people who purchased a condo unit in the Icona project...

  • We are also well organized and represented by a leading Toronto Municipal Planning Lawyer and expert witnessess, but we need your help to fund our defence.  Hiring expert professionals are expensive - but for the few reasons above, and the many we have not mentioned here, we feel our neighbourhood is definitley worth fighting for.  With the prospect of this 25-story high-rise tower looming, and if approved, precedent for other tall buildings that fail to respect good planing principles will follow.  Now is the time to act!

  • Please donate generously to our defence fund and help us reach our fundraising goal.